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Audit & Assurance
Tax Audit
Audit of all types of entities as specified under Income Tax laws and Accounting Standards issued by ICAI.
Statutory Audit
Statutory Audit of all types entities like Public Sector, Limited and Private Ltd companies, Co-operative Societies, Trusts etc as per the requirements of the statute governing them.
Internal Audit
Internal Audit of all types of entities i.e. Thorough checking of internal control of an entity, Stock Reconciliation, Stock Transfer, Warranty Claim, Advertisement Expenses and their recovery from main/head office if any. Purchase, Purchase Cash Discount And Incentive Scheme tracking and its Cost Benefit Analysis, Billing, Debtor/Creditor Control Analysis, Cash Handling And Management, Expenses, Return On Capital Employed And Efficiency Audit.
Bank Audit
Concurrent, Statutory & Revenue Audit of Nationalized and Co-operative Banks and Societies
System Audit
We conduct Information systems audit, 3 of the partners are DISA qualified Systems auditors.
  • Review and Framing of 'IS' Policies, Procedures and Practices
  • Review of Physical & Logical Access Controls
  • Review of Operating System Controls
  • Review of Application Systems Controls
  • Review of Database Controls
  • Review of Network Management
  • Review of Maintenance
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